Why choose Shmi Go La mobile?

You want your business to be noticed for all the right reasons and so do we.Arrows

Here are just a few benefits of choosing Shmi Go La mobile:

Save yourself time by having one professional supplier

  • Save hassle – we can co-ordinate all your marketing promotions
  • You need your business to stand out, we make the effort to understand it
  • A consistent image and message across all your marketing
  • We’re tenacious and will give your project everything we’ve got

We offer a wide array of creative and technical solutions which includes website design and development, graphic design, e-commerce solutions, mobile websites, online strategy and online marketing.

We create, design, and build an execute strategies with a greater vision and marketing objective in mind. We develop integrated campaigns for our clients that weave multiple mediums together such as social media, PPC campaigns, online contests, QR codes, microsites, and company videos all of which can be used to further enhance traditional online and offline campaigns.

Since you’re here, pick up the phone and we can talk through your project. Call us on 057-5202549 and we’ll take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Explore our full range by using the menus. Understanding your business is the key to creating the right solutions.

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Internet marketing

  • SEO service
  • PPC/PPL campaigns
  • Local marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Social marketing

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Mobile marketing

  • Mobile sites
  • Mobile coupons
  • Mobile advertising
  • QR codes
  • SMS marketing

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Mobile sites

  • Mobile landing pages
  • Mobile sites for businesses
  • Mobile versions for on-line stores

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Web sites development

  • HTML5 sites
  • Responsive sites
  • CMS WordPress sites
  • e-Commerce solutions

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