Why Do You Need A Mobile Website Now?

Site on mobileCurrently 40% of all searches are now conducted on mobile devices. Are you visible to your customers?

Is your web site looks ugly on mobile? Test your site on one of the smart phone emulators such as http://www.testiphone.com.

Normal websites don’t look right on a phone. The buttons are tiny. The text is unreadable. Big fingers have trouble. Its not easy.

This means that 40 out of every 100 visitors cannot properly view or navigate your traditional website. So right now you may be losing prospective customers.
You need to be visible to your customers on a mobile device. Know how to be look ‘mobile’ friendly?
Right mobile sites

Your main website colours can be incorporated into your design as can your main logo or graphic header. The point of a mobile website is to make it as quick loading and simplistic as you can. So what you need to do is make sure the header graphic you use is re-sized to fit a mobile screen.

Mobile site sampleYou take only the most vital information and actually have some simple tabs for each one on the front page. What you have listed depends on your business, but don’t forget, you don’t need every tab showing on the front page.

Necessarily should be a button ‘Call Us’ for dialing to you directly from the site.

By all means list categories on the front which lead to other pages on your mobile site. This will make the mobile site easier to use for visitors.

You should, without a doubt, place your contact information on the mobile site as well as all the places you are listed on social media, such as, – Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn, and not forgetting a link to your the desktop version of your website.

Shmi Go La mobile design beautiful, useful mobile websites that work perfectly on every mobile device.

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