Mobile markrting for local business

We’ve seen these facts:


- 79% of shoppers are using their smart phones to help with their purchasing needs
- Over 80% of mobile interactions result in an action
- 71% of us search on our smart phone because we saw an ad (offline or on our phone)


- Mobile devices will pass PCs as the access device of choice by 2013
- Worldwide mobile advertising revenue will reach $20.6 billion by 2015

The easiest and most direct way to reach people today is through their mobile phones.

  • Do you have a mobile website? If you do not have one, people will struggle to find the key information they need. A simple test is to look at your website on a mobile phone. Alternatively use one of the smart phone emulators such as http://www.testiphone.com
  • Do you have a listing in  Google +Local? Increasingly people are using their mobile phone to find local services. Optimising Googles Maps and Places is one of the most profitable investments you could make.
  •  Do you use QR codes? This is a great way to lever print advertising whether in your store or in newspapers / magazines. The use of QR codes can supply additional information that could clinch the deal.
  •  Do you use your web site to collect the mobile numbers of clients? You can use these numbers to SMS offers to them. Unlike email, 95% of these messages are opened.

Our Mobile Marketing solutions give any size business the ability to reach people in real time and on a personal level. It’s amazing how easy it is to share time sensitive information, improve communication, drive traffic, increase customer loyalty and reduce advertising budgets… ALL with MOBILE WEBSITES, GOOGLE PLACES, QR CODES and TEXT MESSAGES. Our consultative approach is the key difference. Our mobile marketing specialists will train you and your staff on how to create successful campaigns with real results and most importantly a return on investment greater than any other advertising format.

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