Pay-Per-Click Advertising

When is PPC important?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is important for any website that is looking to supplement or replace organic searches, particularly when:

  • You want to immediately gain a prominent placement when users search for your products or services.
  • You want to guarantee placement on page one of the search results.

Because of the immediate nature of PPC, it is also important when you want to test campaigns, specifically in situations when:

  • You want to test a marketing message or your marketing language.
  • You are trying to determine how to target your organic visitors.

PPC is particularly important when you want to target specific products or particular visitors. This can be done by:

  • Targeting ads and keywords specifically to certain products, services, or product lines.
  • Using ad copy and keywords to qualify/attract or screen/exclude particular visitors.
  • Setting ads to run only during certain hours or in certain regions.
  • Directing visitors to a specific landing page to control the visitors’ experiences.
  • Targeting specific demographics or visitor types with managed display advertising.
  • Targeting mobile devices with mobile specific ads and a mobile specific visitor experience.

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